February 13 & 14, 2019
Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany

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Speaker Interviews

Speaker interview: Dominique Seydel, Fraunhofer ESK
Fraunhofer ESK

Dominique Seydel, research engineer at Fraunhofer ESK, discusses AI’s benefits, but explains why we need to acknowledge its limitations and use resilient software to work around them.

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Speaker interview: Mel Torrie, Autonomous Solutions Inc.
Autonomous Solutions Inc.

Mel Torrie, founder and CEO of Autonomous Solutions Inc, discusses how the company is already automating today’s off-highway vehicles, making human operators’ jobs more pleasant, while not putting them out of a job.

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Speaker interview: Ben Holter and Simon Yardley, Husco

Ben Holter, hydraulic automation systems manager, and Simon Yardley, manager and director of strategic business development at Husco, discuss the strides and discoveries Husco has made in its project of automating a 21-ton excavator while retaining all of the factory-fitted control systems.

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