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Speaker interview: Markus Prison, Quanergy

Markus Prison, Quanergy Lidar’s director of business development in Europe, discusses the differing requirements for lidar sensors in on- and off-highway vehicles, and how solid-state lidar moves the game on for any autonomous project.

How will lidar sensors differ between passenger vehicles and off-highway vehicles?
The integration of lidar sensors will be a much more important topic for passenger vehicles than for off-highway vehicles because the aesthetics matter more. On a more technical note, off-highway vehicles will require a much higher vertical field of view because the vehicle’s cabin location can be more dynamic while driving.

How mature is autonomous and automated technology in off-highway vehicles today, and what still needs to happen for widespread adoption?
Autonomous vehicle technology is much more mature for off-highway situations since the areas in which they operate are less regulated and less complex. For widespread adoption, the behaviour of the systems in critical situations must be thoroughly evaluated and supported by legislation. The complex algorithms to handle road traffic need to be developed and tested further.

How do Quanergy’s solid-state lidar sensors move the game on?
Quanergy’s solid-state sensors are revolutionary for the autonomous vehicle industry because of their size, accuracy, reliability and price point. Their complete lack of moving parts means that the sensors are more reliable and less prone to breakage or malfunction. In addition, they are small enough to be seamlessly integrated into the body of a vehicle, and their estimated cost is in the hundreds of dollars range – a huge departure from the multi-thousand-dollar price range that most lidar sensors occupy.

Markus Prison will give a presentation titled Taking autonomous vehicles from R&D to mass adoption as part of the Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Conference. Click here to book your delegate pass, which gives you access to all four conferences.

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